The Neri Family's In-Hospital Fresh 48: A Moment of Love and Completeness

In the quiet moments of a hospital room, the Neri family welcomed their newest member, a precious baby girl. This in-hospital Fresh 48 session was filled with love, warmth, and tenderness as the two little girls met their baby sister for the very first time. Climbing into bed with their mum, their eyes lit up with excitement even as they tried to stay calm and still, and their smiles spoke volumes. They approached their new sister with gentle touches and hugs, whispering "I love you" and sharing anything they could gift her. In that instant, it was clear that a special bond had formed. As they embraced their mum and the new arrival, the entire room felt complete, overflowing with love and happiness. This heartwarming experience captured the essence of family and the joy that a new addition brings, and our team was so, so honoured to be witness to this moment. The Neri family's Fresh 48 session was a testament to the beauty of these first moments, etching memories that will last a lifetime.